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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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katie, it feels freezing right now you walk outside. >> it is below freezing every where. that is at least what it reads on the thermometer but when the wind blows of course, it feels worse and it will certainly feel that much worse anytime it does blow. today, tonight tomorrow, tomorrow night even into the saturday morning. so this is going to be a very persistent wind that we are contending with storm scan three at least that is quiet. we have that going for us. even that will in the stay completely empty though throughout the day, you can tell that there is some snow retreating at this point but what happens is as the wind shifts and turns more northwesterly we will end up with more of a northwesterly wind flow and that will allow to us end up with a couple flurries as the day progresses here. wind driven flurries. arctic blast yet another one here, we were off to a cold start here yesterday as it was but now we are stuck back in the teens and with wind gust that is can see easily 30 miles an hour. it doesn't mean it will feel
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that much colder. your actual air temperatures in the teens, within location stand out like a sore thumb and that is mount pocono yet again but with some of the coldest air over the great lakes and it is heading our way. we're in buffalo where we have a goose egg and 0 degrees. looking forward in the forecast, generally speaking if you will recall we are in the teens right now. we will be leveling off by a couple degrees in addition to what we currently have. 21 degrees at best down the shore. we will see win kick nothing every where. up in the poconos you might the get flat out snow showers out of that win, that is kicking in. sort of the that lake enhanced snow fall but in the city nothing more than a quick flurry, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. traveling out and about it is nice outside i have to tell you 5:01. great way to start your morning, so far. lets see how you are doing ben franklin bridge is looking beautiful in delays in either direction heading in to philadelphia and new jersey, both east and westbound commuting is fantastic.
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all of our bridges look great. however, with that said, with the bridges a and really all of our majors and highways and by ways and even throughout the neighborhoods be mindful of black ice that is still out there and causing accidents ever since we encountered that snow fall. you just wanted to take it easy in matter where you are going. even on the vine street expressway because it is wide opened you might under estimate all is good and well but you may find a lick spot or two and something to be careful about. we have a water main break at cheltenham ashmed and rollins so be careful of the interest ex-is, ukee. vittoria, thank you. developing right now search for a killer after a member of the nicki minaj's road crew is fatally stabbed in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from police headquarters with an update the on the investigation and reaction from the pop star, justin. >> reporter: ukee, police say they are making headway in this case, luckily they say it happened in a spot with lots
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of surveillance camera and they have video to go through at this hour but they also still need, the help of the public. on the loose for a second day a club goer wanted for murder police urging anyone with tips to speak up. >> is one out there has some information, no matter how slight, if they tell pot 30 he lease that information is confidential. >> reporter: about 2:30 a.m. wednesday police say an argument erupted between three men outside che bar and grill in east mt. airy, two were part of the road crew for nicki minaj. a third man used a knife to stab two men several times in their left torsos, bystanders for both bleeding victims to einstein medical center where one remains in recovery another died shortly after arriving. the authorities have spoken to three witnesses and believe there are more. >> if anyone saw or heard anything or just talk in the neighborhood about a car or
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any information about a suspect or suspects or descriptions, we could use their help. >> reporter: on twitter minaj identified one as devon picket age 29 of new york. rapper said picket and second victim she calls eric in town setting up for her upcoming tour. now, right new police have some details, they are working with. they know their suspect is a man with a full beard thin build, and was last seen wearing a black or gray jacket leaving the scene in a gray buick le saber, as you saw there, nicki minaj is devastated by this news. the owner of che bar and grill is in the giving any comment at this time but if you have any information that could lead to an arrest and conviction you could get a $20,000 reward. we are live from center city i'm justin finch for cbs-3 eyewitness news. happening today a cold case is warming up again. ten years ago today a couple vanished. now, law enforcement agencies are bringing us up to date on this investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter
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nicole brewer joins us with the the latest information nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you, erika. the fbi will hold a press conference to discuss new details in the investigation and how the public can help exactly ten years after this couple disappeared. danielle imbo and richard petrone were last seen leaving a bar on the 500 block of south street on february 19th 2005. now that couple was heading home to mount laurel, new jersey but they never made it. now a new fbi cold case task force will reexamine the details of their disappearance. the fbi believes it was a murder for hire but identities of the killers and motive remain a mystery. we have recently spoke to petrone's family who said it has been an agonizing decade of unanswered questions. >> what has been taken from frustrates, and from me, you know, my son, can never, i could never really put in word what that has done to me. >> an investigation has turnout some pretty promising leads in this case which carries a a $50,000 reward but up to this point neither
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victim north petrone's vehicle have ever been found. once again, ukee and erika that press conference is scheduled for 10:30 this morning. >> thank you. also in the news a priest limb nature i hearing is scheduled for robert palin, who is accused of sexually assaulting two women in penny pack park in 2010 and 11. investigators say he offered a woman a ride home but then beat and raped them. palin was a suspect in the third sexual assault in 2010 and since then the rick tim has died. boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is fight to go day to have his trial moved out of boston. the the judge has already reject his request, three times, so today, he is taking his case to a higher court. air neff's lawyers say it is impossible to find an impartial jury in the city where three people were killed and more than 260 were hurt after two bombs exploded near marathon finish line. the fate of the old revel casino in atlantic city could be backup in the air later today. bankruptcy judge is expected to decide if she will let
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revel terminate a deal to sell that building for 95 million-dollar, to a florida developer. the casino owners argued glenn straub missed the deadline to close the the deal. straub says that he is still negotiating with revel to salvage the sale. a fiery debate led to four arrests as philadelphia school reform commission last night, on the agenda a controversial vote over charter school applications. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from outside school district headquarters with more on what the board decided, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a very heated debate, very controversial topic here at src last night as you mentioned, four people were arrested as this meeting went on more than five hours, but at the end of the night only a handful of new charter schools were approved out of the more than three dozen applications. a fiery meeting wednesday night at the school reform commission in philadelphia a. at the heart of the
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conversation the approval of the new charter schools, some parents spoke in support. >> four years my son has attended, t l.a. he has received an extraordinary education. >> reporter: many others against. meeting interrupted throughout the evening by protesters. but as votes were tallied the anti charter crowd came out on top with the src approving just these five of the 39 charter school applications those denied, will have a chance to appeal. >> i don't know if these actions will stand up in front of the charter board. >> reporter: cash strapped school board is facing a 80 million-dollar fiscal cut but found itself forced to consider new charters as part of the deal with state law make tours get that $2 per pack cigarette tax approved. >> tell them you will a have prove charter schools only after they do a funding formula. >> reporter: but src chair bill green says there were no efforts to appease leaders in the the legislator approval is based on merit. >> we reviewed each
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application on its own terms for merit and called the balls and strikes that we felt were appropriate. >> governor tom wolf's office issued this statement after the meeting last night saying in part the wolf administration continues to believe that the district's financial situation cannot responsibly handle at travel of new charter schools. governor wolf remains committed to restoring cuts and delivering more fun to go public schools across the commonwealth to assure our children have the resources necessary to succeed. as for those four people arrested they will likely only face fines and that is, if their cases go to court. reporting live from spring garden this morning, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. new this morning, fire brings in the the new year of the sheep or goat in china a town. the it is all part of the time honored tradition celebrating the the chinese new year also known as the lunar new year. festivities kick off with the midnight parade featuring
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philadelphia sons lion dancer. we have had them in our studios before and they are fantastic. hopefully they have bundled up. >> i love that. >> so cool. >> snowfall takes its toll on new england and new we are seeing moment too much snow causes a roof to come down. plus a health scare inside a hospital, the mistake that may have exposed hundreds of patients, to a deadly super bug. some new clues in the deadly crash involving bruce jenner, now we are learning more details about the surveillance video that captured the the accident. >> ♪ we could all use escape from the cold weather, right? well, we are in the catching a break anytime soon. katie is talking about record lows over the next few days, when we do traffic and weather together on the three's. she has a pocket of sunshine in your heart, maybe it will warm you. from record low i'm digging this record
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receipts's a turn it up, and we will be right back.
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massachusetts is still trying to dig out from feet and feet of snow, lot on the buildings too. the weight of that snow which is too much for this roof to handle will watch right there do you see is what happening? huge roof collapse. this happened in a shopping center there is a gaping hole left behind, the good news, the building was evacuated earlier in the day after people heard loud banging and cracking noises so they got out. there have been more than 70 roof collapseness massachusetts just in the last ten days and katie with all this snow they have been seeing it makes sense. you have to get rid of it somehow or it weighs it down. >> absolutely. we will see temperatures have a chance to moderate up with time as the the day goes on but not all that much. even they we have the the upcoming weekend we are looking at one day down the road here that is even going to be close to seasonal
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averages. we are so stuck in that colder period right now. so we're not going to be able to pull out that easily. we will start off with storm scan three wider zoom shows we have snow out there, all now pulling away but as we go throughout the the day we are looking at sun maybe a few additional flurries. nice wide zoom the very initial beginning of the new storm system. well off across the canadian border and well out in the canadian rockies at this point. what will happen and thinks one piece of the puts will that will dive in and then move in as we head into the the upcoming weekend. i will dump you out here to saturday and notice, we have that rain, snow line classic rain/snow line but what happens with this storm is as up is. we will start off dry some snow moves in and could come through with steady snow at first but as time progresses look at what happens. it completely turns over to rain. at 1:00 in the morning no less. that means temperatures are climbing through the overnight
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and we will have a chance on get you in the upper 40's which sound so baum by comparison by sunday. in the live neighborhood network this is how it feels. the it changes before your very eyes, moorestown feeling more like one, five in blue bell doylestown bee lower see owe and a few choice locations. a as the day progresses coldest days today and tomorrow absolutely. we have a chance to challenge record lows tomorrow and sat the day. by sunday it is milder. chilly rain but it is milder vittoria. >> it is milder that is good news. something to look forward to. that is what we need to hold on to. well, good morning. traveling out and about you will notice it is still nice. we have a lot the to look forward to at 5:15 this morning. the problem will be in an hour. but right now i-95 is fantastic. it doesn't matter where you are going this shot not too far from the betsy ross bridge heading in and out of the northeast, center city or in delaware, it is fantastic. speed sensors nice and high. looking at roosevelt boulevard
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in delays here as well. really even a as the boulevard continues into route one making your way in to bucks county it is a beautiful ride. speed sensors all over and not just in pennsylvania but in new jersey and delaware high up in the 50's and that is how we like it. watch out for this the water main break in lawrenceville new back to the desk. erika. a developing story right new search for a suspect in the death of the the member of pop star nicki minaj's crew. one man was kill, another injured outside a mt. airy baron tuesday morning. minaj says both men were members of the road crew and that crew was preparing in the city for minaj's tour. today is the the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of robert petrone and danielle imbo. today the fbi and other agencies will update us on the status on have that cold case. please call the next speaker. >> a contentious meeting over the fate of charter schools in philadelphia, four people were arrested. the the school reform commission a approved five schools. right now it is 5:16.
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from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, generous donation that saved a local cub scout group from the brink of collapse after a heartless crime. it is whisper seen around the world, it seems like everyone is weighing in on the vice-president, getting touchy feely with the defense secretary's wife. now david letterman is adding some humor to the situation. >> this will be good. >> we will be right
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for two years. plus, a $400 bonus with a two-year agreement hurry, deal ends february 21st. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v good morning everyone. havertown native is officially in charge of the secret service. president obama removed interim tag for joseph clancy making him secret service director. clancy took over on a temporary basis last fall after several embarrassing scandals brought down the last boss. archbishop carol and villanova graduate spent 27 years with the secret service including stint of the head of the president's security detail. happening today, six
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candidates for mayor in philadelphia are expect to speak at their first forum together. it is at the philadelphia business and technology center at park side avenue. that starts at 8:30 this morning. the forum is opened to the public. receiptors head to the poles in the primary for over three months in may 19th. meanwhile a broken water pipe forcedded philadelphia city council to move today's session to the sixth floor of city hall. the roomies still a mess after a pipe burst early tuesday morning, soak ago this room trying to clean it up. recent cold weather most likely cause that had pipe to crack. crews have been using fans to dry out that red are carpet ukee. so-called ice palace in west fill will in the there been for long. cities department of licenses and inspections is leveling this building at fifth second and locust unsafe. on monday, you may remember a two alarm fire broke out there. it housed a doctores a office. l and i tells "eyewitness news" that the building will be likely demolish in the come days. still ahead this morning a new measles scare in our area
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latest spot the where some people are told they could have been exposed to this dangerous virus. and cole hamels makes it clear where he stand on the phillies rebuilding effort as spring training begins, , he wants out. hear what ryne sandberg says about hamels blunt comments when we come right back.
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well, that little break didn't last very long katie it is back took cold. >> ahh, yeah, it did not. sorry about that. we are at least going to see easing up on the thermometer down the road but even that will in the last thaws long. lets take you out there sky cam three looking beautiful until you throw current conditions on it. we have got wind out of the west and it is noticeable but i've got the to tell you it will get worse, it turns more northwesterly colder air can wrap in. here's how it feels currently, everyone in the tellingtive right now, very few and far between where it is not in terms of how it the feels. go by those values but
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technically hit upper teens today and tomorrow with few flurries along the way. tomorrow and saturday morning producing potential for record cold. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everybody. it is still so quiet out there, roads are sleeping even before 5:30 we are still waiting in the wings of rush hour. lets go outside and take a look. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway we are dealing with the bit of the incident here. we will have activity that we are dealing with in the center of are screen. seventy-six eastbound, a police officer right over to the right-hand shoulder here in that center lane. this is right around south street where we are dealing with this accident. it looks like this vehicle here compromising the right-hand lane causing a bit of the squeeze. if you are traveling east bound on the schuylkill at south street you will note that is glitch right now. elsewhere roadways look nice including our bridges, in major delays for mass transit ukee. thanks variety tore y phillies pitchers and catchers are in clearwater, florida for spring training with the first practice set for today. pitcher cole hamels has been a
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attracting a attention right away this spring. manager ryne sandberg says he know baseball is a business but ace hamels is a business he for one wants out of philadelphia. hamels tells u.s.a. today quote i just want to win. the that is all any competitor wants. i know it will in the happen here. i wanting to to a place where i can win again. >> along with him and some other players that were involved in trade talks, that is part have the business and i believe that they realize that. they are also professionals and this is professional sports and you have seen it before. it is part of the game. >> ryne also says right now ryan howard is the phillies starting first base man. ahead 23 home runs and 95 runs batted in last season but also led the league with 190 strike out. we will talk phillies base about a ball with phillies third base man codey asche. he joins us live at 7:30 from clearwater on our sister station cw philly.
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stay tune for that one. flyers take on the last place buffalo sabres tonight this south philadelphia. flyers are six points out of the last playoff spot. tonight will be a huge night at the well. flares will induct long time defenseman eric desjardins in the teams hall of fame. he spent 17 years in the nhl, 11 years in orange and black. one on the fan favorite. fans will get a limit add digs desjardins poster as well. nba trade deadline thinks afternoon at 3:00 o'clock. we will see if the sixers made any kind of moves. they play indiana pacers back in action tomorrow night at the well and do i believe, if i remember correctly, the the new mascot franklin makes his debut so bring out the kid. erika, back out to you. 5:26. even the losers are going home winners at weekend oscars. we will she you expensive items we will get, in those famous bags justin? erika, police say they have made headway in searching for the in man who stabbed two members of the nicki minaj's
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road crew, we will tell will what you they know and what they need you to help them with coming up. justin, thanks. a super bug scare inside a hospital. the the mistake that may have exposed hundreds of patient toss a drug resistant and deadly bacteria. vittoria and katie return wiwith traffic and weather together on the three's, a really cold start we are back in two minutes. ♪ i've been drivin' a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. i didn't do it to be cool. i didn't do it to make a statement. i just liked it. ♪
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lease an mkc for $349 a month plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash only at your lincoln dealer.
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all right. brace yourself, if you thought it is cold right now just you wait, we are threatening new record as the temperatures tumble, once again, that wind is back, and it makes such a difference and in the in a good way. how cold are we talking. >> lets check with katie, she has your forecast this morning. >> our eyewitness weather watcher network is up and at
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it right now. we have had chilly temperatures coming in from the folks out in the networks that will take you and heading off to the north here in the poconos. 10 degrees sent in from keith. updated your profile picture. i love it. nice hat. sweet. we have a couple cloud, but that wind is starting to crank at 11 miles an hour. he said hang on to your hat. now i understand that profile picture. well done. now lets take you closer to philadelphia here where we are checking in. what is going on out here in central new jersey. ed connor has 18 degrees. nice clear skies. he has a 12-mile an hour wind but he said when he is going out for a walk this morning and shielded from the wind it doesn't feel too bad but in that wind it will feel colder. the lets go out to one more 13 degrees from john dell in glass co and a clear sky for him as well. that one sent in the last 20 to 25 minutes. now, we know it has been cold. let put this in perspective by looking at the calendar. the what we are looking at here is throughout the month the departures from


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